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Written by Jeff   
Thursday, 15 April 2010
I've been working with a number of great organizations lately.  Like many organizations, they need contributions.  I thought I'd tell folks about them and if you're moved to give, great.  If not, maybe you can pass this along to friends or acquaintances who might be interested.  Your support will go along way to making sure important issues are addressed in Portland.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Common Cause Oregon/Voter-Owned Elections

Common Cause Oregon has recently been revised, essentially merging with Democracy Reform Oregon, which had been active for the past decade on money-in-politics issue.  One of DRO's key achievements was implementing the Voter-Owned Election (VOE) system in Portland.  This is a public-financing system to take big money out of Portland campaigns and ensure that candidates for Portland offices can spend their time talking to voters rather than dialing for dollars.  When I ran as a VOE candidate in 2008, I appreciated that I could stay focused on the issues voters were concerned about rather than worrying about getting contributions.  Otherwise I would have had to dedicate more than half of my time to raising money instead of interacting with Portlanders.

The Voter-OWned Election system will be on the November 2010 ballot so that voters will be able to say whether it should continue or not.  That was the original agreement when the City Council adopted the system back in 2005.  Common Cause Oregon will be coordinating the grassroots campaign in support of keeping VOE.  Find out more about the system at Common Cause Oregon's website .  If you think this is important, especially in light of the recent Supreme Court Citizens United decision which will allow unlimited campaign contributions, then donate to Common Cause Oregon's work on this important issue.

Resolutions Northwest

Resolutions Northwest
is a non-profit that provides constructive conflict resolution services and education. They recently facilitated a community forum sponsored by the Citizen Review Committee and the Student Veterans Organization at Portland State and did an outstanding job.  In addition to facilitating meeting like that, they also providing neighborhood mediation services and youth violence prevention.  Resolutions Northwest provides a vital service and is a tremendous organization.  Please support their work as generously as you can.

St. Johns Main Street Coalition

St. Johns Main Street Coalition is a neighborhood-based effort to revitalize the downtown business core of the St. Johns neighborhood in North Portland.  The coalition was recently accepted into the state "Main Street" program and is currently applying for the City of Portland Main Street program as well.  While the state program only came with technical assistance resources, the city program actually comes with some financial assistance.  The catch is that those city resources have to be matched.  So, the coalition is raising $30,000 in donations and pledges to demonstrate its ability to match the city resources.

The Main Street Coalition is a truly grassroots effort, combining both the business community and residents of the St. Johns neighborhood.  It's an area that is working to define its own economic and community future.  If you wish to give, please contact me directly (no website yet).
Thanks very much for your consideration.
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